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i hide my constant state of wonder behind thick cynicism and thicker fake glasses.

i am sharing my life with you in the hopes that you might share your life with me.

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When we all decided we loved Aunt Peg.

whoops this is my new favorite show i just watched all of it i love it so much ok thanks good morning. 

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Gay male identity is an economy of sex. When we meet one another, we grade each other on our fuckability–and then on their ability to be a decent human. Many of us may not even get beyond fuckability. This economy of sex means that we are more and more becoming conditioned to view one another less as brothers and more as single-serve sex vehicles. It means that there are scores of gay men who are being taught–and reinforced–into thinking that when they meet another gay man, they should be assessing them on how pretty they are, how fuckable they are. It is the rare instance where these exchanges happen and men evaluate one another on how well they get along, the possibility for them to make one another crack up.

“A large swath of the gay male community has become so obsessed, so consumed by the idea of fitness that they forget their manners, they forget their compassion, they forget their humanity. And many more are becoming conditioned into thinking this is acceptable: ‘You must be this fit to be adored.’

Rohin Guha

"Well OK, so I read an article once about this concept that we all have a shadow - so you know how there’s you as a human being, your brain, what you look like, what you talk like, all these things but sometimes you feel bad about yourself, and there’s this separate version of yourself that isn’t real and no one else sees it  - but it feels like it follows you around wherever you go, and that’s called your shadow"

so my friend who’s like this wonderful person and she’s really brilliant and great and everybody loves her  has this really bad image of herself so i wrote this song for her and the lyric is “if you’re feeling small, then i will love your shadow”

so thats something that we all can relate to, which is that the shadow is the part of you that you don’t feel good about but we all have it and it kinda connects us, as people”

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Further, though, the TOMS campaign — like the million shirts — misses the fundamental point that not having a pair of shoes (or a shirt, christmas toy, etc.) is not a problem about not having shoes. It’s a problem of poverty. Shoelessness, such as it is, is a symptom of a much bigger and more complex problem. And while donating a pair of shoes helps shoelessness, it does not help poverty.

Things like jobs help poverty. Jobs making things like shoes, for example. But TOMS doesn’t make its shoes in Africa, it makes them in China where it’s presumably cheaper to make two pairs of shoes and give one away than it is to get people in a needier community to make one pair of shoes.

The result of this setup, as Zizek explains most succinctly, is that on a big-picture level, TOMS (and other buy-my-product-and-donate companies) are busy building the exploitative global structure that produces economic inequality, while on the other hand pretending that supporting them actually does something to fix it.

It doesn’t. It just gives people shoes.

The 7 Worst International Aid Ideas (via stfuconservatives)

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If Daenerys went to Starbucks… [via]

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Floating On Cloud Nine. The cast of Orange Is the New Black at the New York City Gay Pride Parade.

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this cover art, tho.

file under: correct use of horns in a pop song in 2014

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So last night at Disneyland the thing happened???? The thing where I met someone and they said “oh I follow you on tumblr” and I was like so shocked and so if you see this please message me so I can follow you back okay

^^ literally I do not know how to interact with people like apparently in real life I’m the kind of person who stares at people until they’re like “who is this crazy eyed homosexual and is he even wearing shorts under that giant tie dyed tank” and then I just whisper I KNOW YOU FROM TUMBLR and then run away.

am i even a human anymore someone help

this is how I throw it back on Thursdays - Why is Prince Zuko so upset abt my eggs, tho 🔥💥⚡️#firenation4lyfe (at summerdaze)

this is how I throw it back on Thursdays - Why is Prince Zuko so upset abt my eggs, tho 🔥💥⚡️#firenation4lyfe (at summerdaze)

let’s not fight, i’m tired can’t we just sleep tonight?

turn away, it’s just there’s nothing left here to say.

turn around I know we’re lost but soon we’ll be found. 

Let’s desert this day of hurt, tomorrow we’ll be free.

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